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As I like to help others Im willing to colaborate in some projects aporting some tunes, let me know if you need some music. Greetings

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Posted by darkcminor - April 15th, 2011

I have uploaded a cover by me in youtube, it is a Gary Moore's Story of the blues, If you check it, hope you like it.


Link to video

Posted by darkcminor - February 13th, 2011

Hello, I´m a guy who likes esoteric themes, and it´s been a while I have been reading elron´s page, where a lot of ideas and theories sound just fine to me.

Is anyone interested in animating some of these ideas (I can compose music for it)??,
If you are interested I can translate and explain some ideas
(the site is in spanish, it is from Argentina).

some of them are:

The first thing we should learn about death is that it is nothing that we have to be afraid, If you are afraid to lose your notebook, lose your memory, your girlfriend, your own body, well, thats the level you should be afraid of death, because all of that has the same order of magnitude
L. Ronald Hubbard

The brain and mind are just machines, the one that thinks is the soul; Keep on saying that the brain and mind thinks, as psychiatry does, is so absurd as to confuse the hardware and software of a computer with the operator who handles it.
Furthermore, the spirit does not need the brain or the mind to think, since it is their inherent function. Spirit and thought are synonymous.

It´s known Scientifically that man is composed of three parts:
1) thetan (soul or higher self),
2) mind and
3) body.

Of the three, obviously, thetan is the highest entity, as the body without a soul would have no animation or mind, while without a body or mind, the soul continues to have animation and life.
In this case it is more correct to speak about the spirit, the spirit (100%) is the being not incarnated

The term was coined by L. Ronald Hubbard to refer to the soul or higher self, and is more appropriate to use to eradicate the misconception that man has a "soul": the man is that soul

Thetan word comes from the Greek letter theta, in electroencephalography indicates a slower pace and predominates in the level of extrasensory perception.

On the physical plane, only 10% of our spirit animates our bodies and our minds. The other 90% is in a higher vibrational level, which we call the spiritual world.
When we disincarnate we exist as spirit, as it is immortal.
Through mediumship we can communicate telepathically with any Thetan (90%) or Spirit (100%).

The thetan (soul or higher self, or as everyone likes to call), was discovered by Hubbard and today is an irrefutable scientific fact.

Furthermore, the only valid cure is valid rehabilitating the Thetan
(already being done, but not through medicine or any of its branches).

Let me know if you find this interesting.

I have included an image from the man structure.

group elron´s ideas for animation